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i-Life Genie is an AI assistant for any knowledge based user who wants better and faster outcomes. It is trained on your documents and skims through thousands of pages at light speed to get the results that matter.

It's your Personal assistant

All you have to do is ... ask!

Chat with YOUR knowledge base. Your question is i-Life Genie's command.

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  • Age 13 and above
  • 30 weeks internship
  • Personalized coaching and mentoring
  • Training & Development sessions
  • Work on cutting-edge AI projects and go to market strategies
  • Travel expenses covered
  • Tremendous networking opportunities

i-Life Genie Features

Speak &

Speech input and audio output of responses enable hand-free operation of Genie

Chat History & Saved Answers

Refer to your previous chats with Genie and your saved answers. Available forever!

Multi-lingual Support

Translate to and from 80+ international and regional languages

Fully Responsive

Use i-Life Genie on mobile, tab or laptop. The UI is fully responsive on any device

Unlimited Questions

No limit to the number of questions you ask to your PDF files. Ask all you want!

Automated Prompt Toggles

Create your own prompt toggles for fine-tuned responses

High Grade Security

Your files are yours alone to view and chat with. No one else has access to them.

Embed Anywhere

Generate an embed link for any Genie Chat page and embed on any web page anywhere.

Collaboration Tools

Group chat, shared chat dashboard, audio/video conferences for teams

What can genie do for you

Genie Features

Watch how i-Life Genie can transform the way you teach, study or work!

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Special pricing options available for each profession. Choose your profession while signing up for an account and check pricing page on once you are logged in.


Go to Pricing page once you Sign Up and Login to check pricing for your chosen user type. Contact us for special prices for your organization.






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Frequently Asked

Unlike ChatGPT or Gemini, i-Life Genie is built to work with content libraries. Genie gives you the ability to chat with folders containing multiple documents and will generate answers based on the content of your documents. Each answer Genie generates will be based on the content and context of your uploaded documents.

We offer a forever free plan for you to explore the features of our platform. The free plan is limited to one PDF file of 100 pages and provides access to one user. You may upgrade to a paid plan with more features like multiple PDF files in one interface, creating folder structures for your PDF files and asking questions to an entire folder instead of one PDF file at a time, embedding the chat interface on any of your other websites etc. A paid plan automatically grants you access to upcoming features and new developments on the platform.

You absolutely could if you have the time to sort through many many pages of answers Google gives you and decide which answer works for you. Or you could ask i-Life Genie and get your answer in mere seconds. Also keep in mind that Google does not have access to your own content library. i-Life Genie does. The content you upload to i-Life Genie provides content as well as context to the AI Engine, to answer your questions better, since it is trained on YOUR own data.

Absolutely! Which plan you want to use at what point of time is entirely up to you. Do keep in mind that although upgrading your plan will be effective immediately and you will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the month, downgrading a plan will only be effective from the next billing cycle.

You may cancel your subscription anytime. You will however not get a refund on a paid plan (except for extraordinary circumstances) and your paid subscription will be available for your use for remainder of the billing month before getting cancelled from next billing month.

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The best part is that i-Life Genie is trained on our own content, for example, employee handbooks, engineering manuals etc. This gives our employees an immensely powerful personal assistant that can guide them whenever they have any questions about the organization. We have shaved off hundreds of cumulative hours in employee onboarding and training.


Mary D. Moreno

Office manager

Having difficulty articulating an advanced concept? Ask i-Life Genie to “explain the topic to a first grader.” Here’s the tool’s simplified explanation of chloroplasts: “Chloroplasts are little green things inside plant leaves that help the plant make its own food. They are like tiny factories that use sunlight, air, and water to make the plant’s food.”


Christina Miller

Education Researcher

When you align its output with the Common Core State Standards, the AI tool is able to craft a unit outline for any grade level, subject, or timeline.


Doug Quinones

School coordinator

Ask i-Life Genie to write a lesson plan on, say, Fine Motor Skills. The tool composes assessments, activities, scaffolding, and objectives. Want that in the form of problem-based learning or revised for a flipped classroom? i-Life Genie can adjust the lesson plan according to your instructions.


Lowell Lambert

Pre-School Teacher

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